Giovanni – single polled black spotted ram 2016




Giovanni (Ginger x Virgil)

Giovanni (Ginger x Virgil)

Giovanni is an amazing ram lamb from the Hottur sire. He is huge, amazing thickness. His growth is outstanding. He is next to his mom who isn’t a small ewe and he will have passed her up by the time he is 6 months old I would guess. He is just 9 weeks old here. He will also carry moorit.

Dam – Ginger (RHS Ginger ewe M5SP 26A) – Ginger’s sire is known for milkiness, her dam was also very milky. This was her first year lambing and this lamb was 13+ lbs, so hats off to her for delivering that her first go round. I would say her udder is average, but judging on her lambs growth she is probably milking above average.

Sire – TCE AI Ram B3SP 951B This ram was brought over specifically for his amazing lineage. Hottur, Garpur, Dalur. He produced great lambs for us this season.

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