Lambing has finished


We finished up our 2015 lambing season with 17 lambs in total. Olive lambed at her new farm and had two beautiful ewe lambs. Poppy lambed here with us, but took her lovely ram lamb with her to her new home shortly after. It is a relief to see all the lambs on the ground and thriving after much anticipation. It is so fun to see what each year brings us. This year we really did well with the consistency of our lamb crop. Quite the year with surprise lambings and my timing was off with pretty much everyone. I’d be watching and waiting on a particular ewe and while heading out to the pasture to check on her I’d find a brand new set of lambs by another ewe that wasn’t on my watch list. Anna was the last to lamb and I went into town for a couple hours thinking we had another day with her, if not longer, and upon returning and heading to the barn there were her two little ram lambs. So much for my highly skilled sense of figuring who would lamb when. I’m thankful none of those girls encountered any life threatening issues. Already thinking of who will be on the 2016 list. We are planning to bring in some new AI bloodlines this year and have some lovely new ewes that will join our 2016 breeding group. We already have a number of lambs reserved, send us a note if you are interested in reserving a lamb.

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