Lambing has finally begun

Our lambs began arriving on March 23rd. First set of twins we found after arriving home from work out in the pasture basking in the sun. I had left that morning thinking, Aurora looks like she’s having contractions but she’s still a few days out. What do I know? Twin ram lambs both moorit mouflons. Both brave little rascals that seem to fear nothing. Their favorite past time is terrorizing the chickens. Our second ewe that lambed is Molly. She was a ewe lamb from last year which was an unintended breeding. She is one of the smaller ewes from last year and have been fretting about how this lambing would go. I had her marked as April 4th to lamb, she lambed a week early. While checking on some of the other ewes my husband found Molly and her ewe lamb in the pasture. Wow piece of cake. Molly had a beautiful spotted moorit ewe lamb. Third and the one I predicted would be first was Svanna. Poor Svanna was ready to pop. She is always one of my first to lamb and always has her lambs easily. Checking on her Saturday evening (1am), technically Sunday, I saw one back foot. We ended up putting her in a jug and pulling a nice ewe lamb. The lamb was a little distressed, but finally pulled through. About 15 minutes later we checked for the next lamb. Breech again, so we pulled a jet black spotted ram lamb. He seemed no worse for the wear. Svanna ended up with a raspy cough and depressed appetite. I think she was a bit compromised and we are treating her with some antibiotics and supportive vitamins. I don’t want her to fall behind with the demands of lactation. Now back to waiting for the next bundle of joy.



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