Fall already?

I can’t believe we are in to September already. Our lambs are growing well and time seems to be slipping by. Feels like we just were sitting on pins and needles waiting for lambing to start. We had an amazing year with our lambs and hope to continue the trend. Acorns will be falling soon which is a treat our ewes are especially fond of. They help reduce any parasite loads as well which is an added bonus for everyone. Most our adults and yearlings made it through the entire season without issues with parasites. Our lambs, on the other hand, struggled a bit keeping their counts down. The good news is most seemed to do well despite the heavier loads. We have had them on our irrigated pasture for extended periods of time for weaning and such, this created a haven for the parasites. We will probably modify our grazing rotation next year keeping this in mind. It should be quiet for the next month or two and then we will be rolling out our breeding groups. Those will stay together until late December when we’ll put the rams back into their own little band of brothers, leaving the ewes some peace and quiet again. What a gift these sheep have been to our family.Aimee-IMG_2137

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