Breeding ewes for 2018

We will have a small select breeding group for this year for lambing here in 2019. We will also have a small group available bred. If interested please send me an email as I only have room for a few ewes in this group. The bred ewes would be available after the first of the year to be picked up between Jan 1 and Feb 15 2019.

Our main breeding group will be using a big guy bred on this farm, Giovanni. He grows a lot of fleece so he needed a fancy name. 🙂 He has great overall muscling on a wide frame.

The group available as bred ewes will use a Creeks Edge ram that has produced lovely lambs for us, #714874. These girls are available to join this group.

#723167, 2016 solid black ewe
#671735, 2011 solid white ewe (not from our farm but has some nice bloodlines) She will be retired if not sold bred this season.
#708015, 2014 black badgerface ewe
#723156, 2016 black mouflon ewe
#723148, 2016 black spotted ewe

Looking forward to a beautiful new crop of lambs in the spring.

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