2017 Breeding ewes (lambing spring 2018)

An update to our breeding for 2018. It turns out with some of our kids graduating this next spring we will be out of town for a good chunk of lambing season. We don’t feel it is in the best interest of the ewes (and lambs) if we leave them at that crucial time. We’ve decided to offer bred ewes to those that are interested in 2018 lambs. The ewes would need to be picked up early March. I have 5 available ewes for this program. Please let me know if you are interested. Bred ewes are $700. We guarantee a live birth, and will refund $200 if you do not get a live lamb from the breeding.

Grace is a spotted moorit badgerface born in 2013. She has lambed twice for us. She is a large bodied ewe with above average milk.

Ruby is a solid white ewe born in 2012. She has had amazing lambs for us. We are keeping her daughters for our breeding program. She is a solid well muscled ewe with a very dense fleece.

Reba is a 2016 lamb out of Ruby. Beautiful black mouflon. I really like Reba, she has a beautiful fleece and a well built build.

Daphne is a black and white spotted ewe from last season (2016). She comes from a milky line. Her dam is one of my favorites. (SOLD)

Delilah is a sister to Daphne and is solid black. Both beautiful ewes. I have several from their line in my flock.

One other ewe available is Dana, a solid black 2016 ewe. Not suitable match for the ram this year, but is available unbred for $400. She has a lovely solid black fleece with no browning in it.

The rams for consideration this year is a big black spotted yearling from the Hottur lines. Comes from milky bloodlines and carries moorit. Nicely bred, good growth and fine fleece.

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