2016 lambs on the ground

We recently finished the 2016 lambing season. We brought in some new bloodlines and we are really pleased with this crop of lambs. The Hottur lines and Bogi lines were a great addition to our already solid lines. Our ewes that were first time moms almost all twined with no problem and have proven to be very milky. It is always a waiting game to see how the ewe lambs will produce. These girls have surpassed our expectations. The Hottur, Bogi and this year Grabotoni lines are beautiful additions. We continue to strive for well built milky stock. Will be posting pictures as I get them loaded up this weekend. Towards the end of the month we will have a list of available stock. As we bring in some younger ewes we will be placing a few select older ewes as great options for starter flocks at a reduced price. Will be posting soon. Time flies, can’t believe we are rounding out the month of May.

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