2016 Breeding group here we come


This year has been extremely busy, especially this fall. We decided to breed a select group of yearlings this year and let our older girls have a year off. We are also using a new ram this year so we should have lots of great new bloodlines in the spring. Wallace is our ram with Hottur, Mokollur, Dalur and Garpur AI lines. The hottur lambs we had last year were fantastic. We also have a few new girls with Bogi, Gabotini, Hottur and Mokollur AI lines joining our flock this year. We will have 7 ewes lambing in the spring so catch us early if you want to reserve a lamb.

We have offered a few of our older ewes bred for great discounts this year. Check with us soon if you might be interested in a bred ewe. We always guarantee a live lamb with our breedings.

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