Ram’s Head Station

Welcome to the Farm!

Our contact information:
Email: tracylyn.robertson@gmail.com
Phone: 541-760-9051
AI Bloodlines: Mokollur, Dimon, Eir, Skreppur and Hunn
We are a small family farm located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. In fact, Corvallis is our closest city and its name literally means, “heart of the valley”.  We began to consider raising sheep several years ago in order to make our farm productive and sustainable.  We chose sheep over cattle since we knew from past experience how much damage cattle can do to wet pastures (this is Oregon after all!) and facilities, in general, due to their weight and size. We are now focused on breeding registered polled stock, big emphasis on nice solid meat frames with quick growing lambs.

Worldwide, there are more than 1000 distinct breeds of sheep over 40 of which are available in the US. With so many varieties to choose from we tried to envision what our ideal sheep would be and then tried to find the closest match.  Since we are a small farm we wanted to cover multiple bases. Over time, our research drew us to the wonderful Icelandic breed, the oldest purebred sheep in the world. Originally brought to Iceland by the Vikings, they have survived and adapted to the rugged terrain and harsh winters for centuries. They are easy keepers and naturally resistant to many of the maladies that plague the commercial breeds.

They are a triple purpose breed providing meat, wool, and dairy to our farmstead. Their meat is mild and highly valued as gourmet in Europe. They are also medium sized which makes handling them easier than the larger breeds.   Icelandics are a considered to be a “primitive” breed which means they are closer in character, in many ways, to wild sheep than to the more common domesticated breeds.  They are alert, inquisitive and thoughtful.  They are truly not the “dumb sheep” that so many people refer to. They are tough survivors and as you raise your own flock you will see this first hand over and over again.

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